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AmnioFix® is a human-derived “composite amniotic tissue membrane” that’s created from healthy consenting mothers who have undergone scheduled cesarean sections. The donated tissue has been cleaned, dehydrated and sterilized. It’s then blended with sterile saline to create an injectable solution that has remarkable healing capabilities.

When injected, the growth factors will help your own cells regenerate the damaged tissue, reduce scar tissue formation and control inflammation. It essentially works like an espresso shot for the cells, making them work harder to repair tissue damage.

Is it Safe?

To date, more than 100,000 patients nationwide have been injected with AmnioFix®. There have been no reports of medical complications or serious side effects. Patients may experience some mild discomfort around the injection site for up to three days, but this is easily managed with ice and elevation to reduce any swelling that arises.

How is AmnioFix® Different from Other Treatments

An AmnioFix® injection is different from corticosteroid injections and platelet-rich plasma injections because it helps your damaged tissue regenerate. Corticosteroid injections are given after other conservative treatments fail, and they simply mask the pain. Patients often reach the limit of steroid injections and their pain remains unresolved. Platelet-rich plasma injections are more natural but do not have the growth factors for regenerating tissue.

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