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Patient Stories


Dr John R Senatore, Chief of Podiatry, had been treating patients for over thirty years. Here are just a few of many testimonials from his happy patients.

I experienced pain between my toes while running and cycling. I met with my Orthopedic Doctor and a referral Podiatrist and they both claim it was a neuroma and injected cortisone between the toes. An MRI was taken and reviewed that did not show any issues. This went on for 18 months.
A friend recommended Union Memorial where I found Dr. John Senatore who is the Chief of Podiatry. During my first visit with Dr. Senatore, he provided me with a clear path to resolving my pain. A progression of orthotics to surgery. I’m now pain-free thanks to Dr. Senatore and able to run and cycling.

Tom McCarthy


Dr. Senatore, Hope this note finds you well.
Just wanted to let you know that between the new shoes and physical therapy, I am feeling 95% better than when I came to see you. I appreciate you resolving an issue that other’s could not. Thanks again and stay safe!
P. S. Thank you as well, Dr. Dellon

Ric W


I'm incredibly grateful to Dr. Sentatore for the top-notch care and outstanding service he has provided me throughout the past year and a half. Prior to meeting him, I had tried various conservative treatments for my plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome but to no avail. After completing a thorough evaluation and running additional diagnostic tests, it was decided that surgery would be the most appropriate next step. He and Dr. Eric Williams, a nerve pain specialist, completed my surgeries together and I’m happy to report that I am pain free for the first time in 10 years. I now walk 2-3 miles per day for exercise and have even started to run again.

Dr. Senatore is compassionate, knowledgeable and patient. He always returns every call and has never made me feel like a bother with my countless questions. He truly strives for excellence and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a podiatrist in the Baltimore area. He’s the best, hands down.

Allison H


I have been a patient of Dr. Senatore's for over 8 years. He is not only an amazing practitioner, but a caring and friendly doctor. I have had many challenges being diabetic and experienced many foot problems. Dr. Senatore always found time to see me through whatever emergency I had and treated me with respect and the best care I could hope for.

His staff have always been professional, friendly, to me and others I have seen coming in his office. I have recommended him to many friends and family members knowing that they will receive the best care possible.

Joe Markowitz

I was plagued with plantar fasciitis for years, and as a runner, it severely impacted my ability to train and participate in races. I tried numerous things including stretching and several types of shoe inserts with limited success. I was ready to consider a surgical procedure when Dr. Senatore informed me about a new injection that was derived from Amniotic tissue. The Amniofix injection had minimal downtime and could be performed in the office. The procedure was performed on a Tuesday and I returned to running the following Saturday with only slight soreness. Since then, I’ve had absolutely no plantar fasciitis discomfort. This truly was a “miracle cure”.

Steve L


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